I am glad that you are interested in my services and I am happy to assist you in your challenges. As a therapist for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie) I offer counseling, coaching and psychotherapy. I am trained in (cognitive) behavioral therapy, because it has provided its scientific proof of efficacy and is successfully used in counseling, coaching and during psychotherapy. Relaxation and hypnotherapeutic methods can be used in addition. Depending on the goal or the symptoms, I will create an individual treatment plan for you. Here are some of my services listed.

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Psychological counseling
Pregnancy counseling
Parents- and Familycounseling





with the focus on:
Anxiety disorders (like Phobia or panic disorder)
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders
Depressive disorders
Nonorganic sleep disorders



Pregnancy & childbirth

Birth preparation courses (HypnoBirthing natural birth or Caesarean section)
Pregnancy counseling & counseling after birth
Parents-to-be courses
Breech position Help
Fear of Birth Help
Stressful birth experience




Coaching & Training

Individual Coaching
Relaxation Training
Mental preparation for important events




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